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Top 10 tips for studying smart

  • 1Plan your study time into 50 minute blocks. Take a break. Reset your brain for maximum concentration. 
  • 2Schedule what you will do during break times. Refresh your mind by moving your body - walk the dog, dance, go for a run. 
  • 3Focus on understanding rather than memorising. The more you understand the less your have to remember.
  • 4Make posters of important dates and equations and stick them up in your room, in your shower (laminated) or on the back of the toilet door.
  • 5Use to create word clouds of key themes and topics.
  • 6Visit Khan Academy online. Khan will tutor you for free with online videos.
  • 7Sleep 9.25 hours per night for optimum brain function. Keep a notepad on your bedside table to stop diarrhoea of the brain and make notes if you can't sleep.
  • 8Know the schedule of exams and allow plenty of time to get there. Avoid the early morning rush.
  • 9When it all get to much, go sit in a tree to get a fresh perspective.
  • 10Be Positive. A positive mindset will not create talent but it will release it.

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