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Hope theory is a cognitive model of human motivation, it is not a nebulous concept but the result of goal-oriented thinking. In our modern world many people confront automatic negative thoughts that may impede successful goal pursuit.

We can make ourselves happy or miserable irrespective of what is actually happening in our environment by changing the contents of our consciousness. The capacity to develop a hopeful mindset is vitally important not only for succeeding in life but for enjoying it as well.

The shift

People today don't lack motivation. What they lack is a clear vision for the future. So many people today have become future blind. Our world is changing so rapidly and many of us become stuck in a permanent and ceaseless present. The HopeFull High School seminar underscores key strategies to help us move from floundering to flourishing. 


“The Hopefull High School presentation could not have come at a better time. The start of each new school term comes with new challenges and ever present deadlines. Glen’s presentation provided staff with a fresh new perspective, and a sense of reinvigoration and hope about the future of our students, and our role as educators.”

Natalie Guelfo HT Wellbeing Camden High School  

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