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Men of Honour X

10 Workshops to aid in the transition from boy to man

This course is a social and emotional well-being program filled with activities and thoughtful discussion points to promote robust debate between young men and their mentor helping to develop a greater sense of self-regulation. 


Coming of age is tough. Boys today must negotiate a very complex landscape of masculinity and determine how to become the men they want to be. Men are not at the mercy of their bodies and hormones. Yet there are very few safe, open and informative platforms for boys to discuss their feelings and desires in order to help them take control and make good decisions. 

Men of Honour X is a series of ten workshops highlighting the power of an individual’s choice in the areas of exercise, nutrition, money, relationships, risk taking and sex. It explores the portrayal of men in society, perpetuated by the media, and the subsequent effects on male identity and behaviour. It exercises core skills and cultivates characteristics that are proven to strengthen resilience and good mental health. And it emphasises the power of mentorship from honourable men that young boys need and should seek out. 

These workshops that have been based off Glen Gerreyn’s acclaimed Men of Honour seminar and book. Our hope is that it will inspire a generation of young men to honour themselves, their elders and their future. 

Praise for Men of Honour

Glen Gerreyn’s unique and widely respected Men of Honour program, captured for posterity in this entertaining and hard-hitting book, fearlessly tackles the often difficult issues that boys face in growing up. Written by one of the most inspiring and influential young men of his generation, Men of Honour is a must-read for boys and their fathers, bringing both immediate and potentially far-reaching benefits as males of all ages make honourable choices in how they live their lives. 


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