Men of Honour

Male by birth. Man by choice.


Coming of age is tough. Boys today must negotiate a very complex landscape of masculinity and determine how to become the man they want to be with little open and safe support to discuss their feelings and desires.

The shift

Men are not at the mercy of their bodies and hormones. It is essential that they are provided with the information to empower them to take control and make good decisions. This seminar creates a safe and open environment where students can hear answers to the tough questions that all young men have on their minds, but are frequently unable to ask. A humorous, frank and boys-only program that gets straight to the centre of the issue surrounding boys and sexuality.

Men of Honour highlights the power of an individual’s choice in the areas of exercise, nutrition, money and sex. It discusses the portrayal of men in the media and the subsequent affects on male identity and behaviour. With sexual behaviour being one of the most important decisions for young men, Men of Honour provides
 an opportunity for them to make life-changing decisions now.

Glen tackles difficult issues head-on, including:



"I’m just sending this to thank you for your Men of Honour talk. You inspired me to get my act together nutritionally and physically, I brought out my old weight set and started training again. I also adopted the one junk food day and have already bought some protein bars to replace some un-healthy snacks. Thank you so much, you really helped me get my life back on track."


"I listened to your presentation Men of Honour and it has yet to escape my train of thought; it's safe to say I was incredibly inspired. As a young teenager, I watched a lot of pornography, in fact too much, and I rarely went to breakfast. Although these were regrettable actions each and every day, they were habits I couldn't kick. Your presentation gave me the realisation that these habits are getting in the way of me being successful. It has been seven days since your seminar and I have eaten breakfast at 7.30am each day, and that will continue. I also haven't watched pornography, and I refuse to do again. I feel great, I feel energetic during the day and I have no guilt from an immature habit I once saw as a necessity."


"I attended your Men of Honour seminar yesterday at the school. Your words spoke deeply to many of the students that were there. I just wanted to say thank-you for opening my eyes to so many different decisions and actions that I can now undertake and strongly pursue."


"Thanks a lot for your talk to all the boys. It was a really encouraging message and your story is a true inspiration to us guys. From my mates' feedback so far it looks like they are planning on changing around their lifestyles, addictions and priorities."


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