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Thriving in a complex world


Young people are living and inheriting an increasingly complex world – socially, environmentally and politically. It’s a world that causes many to flounder – drifting away from their true identity, forgetting their purpose, and being blinded by societal pressures and fears.

The shift

Hope Express provides knowledge and understanding that form the foundation on which students can build a hope filled future. It develops an understanding of the effects that external influences and personal cognitions have on the individual. By encouraging critical thinking, Glen provokes students to counteract negativity and make informed, healthy choices.

There is one module in this seminar:

  • 1THE POWER OF PURPOSE encourages students to consider and take decisive action on who they are, why they are here and where they are going.Young people today don't lack motivation. What they lack is a clear vision for the future. Many young people today have become future blind. Our world is changing so rapidly and many young people become stuck in a permanent and ceaseless present. Gaining a vision for their lives empowers students to take massive action towards their goals. 

Hope Express compliments schools positive psychology and wellbeing programs. This is a social and emotional wellbeing program which highlights and clearly explains key concepts such as grit, emotional intelligence, authentic strengths, optimism, empathy, courage and hope.


"Your discussion was very inspiring and had a massive impact on my outlook of life. I have struggled with self harm and depression and I believe that a large part of this was due to the struggle of not knowing what my purpose was. From your talk I have come to realise that my passion is to create things. I would like to say a massive thank you for making a difference in my life."


"I just wanted to express to you how much your seminar affected me. I have suffered depression for the past couple of years and have only just recently been put on medication. I felt lonely and that I had no purpose in the world. Two things that you said today really hit home with me: "if there is hope in your future, there will be power in your present" and "nothing satisfies the human spirit more than purpose". You words seemed to flick a switch in my brain and I suddenly realised that although at the moment it feels like everything is hopeless and I have no purpose, there really is so many things I can achieve and THERE IS HOPE. I also came to realise that I cant just sit around and wait for my purpose in life to present itself. I need to get out and work for it, strive for it and fight for it; even when my depression tells me otherwise. So I want to say THANKYOU. Your presentation today has honestly changed my view on "the power of purpose"."


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