Hope Accelerated

Thriving in a complex world


Young people are living and inheriting an increasingly complex world – socially, environmentally and politically. It’s a world that causes many to flounder – drifting away from their true identity, forgetting their purpose, and being blinded by societal pressures and fears.

The shift

Hope Accelerated provides knowledge and understanding that form the foundation on which students can build a hope filled future. It develops an understanding of the effects that external influences and personal cognitions have on the individual. By encouraging critical thinking, Glen provokes students to counteract negativity and make informed, healthy choices.

There are two modules in this seminar:

  • 1THE POWER OF PURPOSE encourages students to consider and take decisive action on who they are, why they are here and where they are going.Young people today don't lack motivation. What they lack is a clear vision for the future. Many young people today have become future blind. Our world is changing so rapidly so may become stuck in a permanent and ceaseless present. Gaining a vision for their lives empowers students to take massive action towards their goals. 
  • 2JAILBREAK explores how to transform our limiting beliefs to maximise success. It also informs students how their beliefs about themselves are the key drivers to the actions they take. Developing a growth mindset is a sure fire way to increasing outcomes. 

Hope Accelerated compliments schools positive psychology and wellbeing programs. This is a social and emotional wellbeing program which highlights and clearly explains key concepts such as grit, emotional intelligence, strengths, optimism, empathy, courage and hope.

Here are a few of the 100’s of emails we received from students Term 1 2017.

"For years i've struggled withe anxiety, OCD and depression and found myself self-sabotaging/destructing due to a fear of failure. After talking to countless psychiatrists and going in and out of hospital, somehow you've finally made me believe in myself, and I feel kind of invincible :)”

"I've been putting off turning in an application for a UTAS scholarship for weeks and weeks, because there is almost no chance of getting in. Your talk has inspired me to not be afraid of failure and I've just submitted my form!!”

"So many things you spoke about today really related to me. I talked to you at lunch about my goal to become a writer and as soon as I got home I spent 30 minutes on writing, instead of sitting I front of the tv as my break.”

“Today's talk really sparked a calling in me and smashed my past perspective and forged a new set of lenses. Your goal of jailbreaking me worked, walking out today I now see the distance clearer than ever.”

“I have been battling depression, anxiety, and anorexia for a few years now and it has consumed my life. I always thought that I couldn't go anywhere in life because these labels were who I am. You helped me to understand that I have a future without all the diseases in my life. My health is my past not my future and I can change. Thank you so much for talking about what others are too afraid to say and teaching me what others consider taboo. I appreciate everything you have taught me today and can't express my gratitude enough.”

“In one simple yet very significant day you gave me four very significant things and for that I will forever be thankful. Today I stopped looking behind at what had happened, I stopped letting my fear/past consume me, I stopped letting that experience shape me, I stopped listening to people that said I can't do that anymore because of my surgery and I started looking ahead.”

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