Face time with Dad



Face time with Dad presents the challenges that fathers and their children face in the home throughout the adolescent years and helps participants to begin to appreciate that such challenges provide unique opportunities for personal and familial growth. This seminar provides a shared experience for fathers and their teens.

The shift

By talking with one another during the session with Glen’s guidance, participants develop a greater understanding of one another and learn communication skills to build a more meaningful relationship.


"I just wanted to be able to provide some positive feedback but more importantly to give credit where credit is due, so as to also encourage more of the same, by saying how much my husband and son enjoyed the Father & Son evening last Friday night. After me having to push them out the door to get them there, my son virtually kicking and screaming (I can't tell you how much of an effort of perseverance it took to get them into the car) but after they returned home they were different men. I can't really describe it accurately but it was as though their self esteem was lifted through the roof, they were on top of the world and told me all about it. After asking both of them how they rated the night out of 1-10? my husband said '11' and my son said '9'.They said that you were an amazing man full of wise words and the content of the presentation was life changing. Thank you for making such an awesome impression on my young and not so young men in my life."


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