Day of Hope

Thriving in a complex world


Young people are living and inheriting an increasingly complex world – socially, environmentally and politically. It’s a world that causes many to flounder – drifting away from their true identity, forgetting their purpose, and being blinded by societal pressures and fears.

The shift

Day of Hope provides knowledge and understanding that form the foundation on which students can build a hope filled future. It develops an understanding of the effects that external influences and personal cognitions have on the individual. By encouraging critical thinking, Glen provokes students to counteract negativity and make informed, healthy choices.

There are three modules in this seminar:

  • 1THE POWER OF PURPOSE encourages students to consider and take decisive action on who they are, why they are here and where they are going. 
  • 2JAILBREAK explores how to change limiting beliefs or paradigms to maximise success for the individual and the team. 
  • 3UNSTOPPABLE teaches the power of setting 'moonshot' goals (as defined by google) and solving large scale problems. This session also helps students develop a resilient and robust view to life.  

Day of Hope compliments schools positive psychology and wellbeing programs. This is a social and emotional wellbeing program which highlights and clearly explains key concepts such as grit, emotional intelligence, authentic strengths, optimism, empathy, courage and hope.

Year 10 Student NSW

“I have really bad anxiety and am depressed. On some nights I feel like my life is not worth living. I just think about how I’m not worth it, not important. Here’s the thing though. You told us all we were important. That hit home for me that minute. I was holding back tears; to be told you are important is something everyone should be told… not just once but many, many times. I have been called pretty, nice, smart etc. But being called important really hits a heart string.”

Year 11 Student QLD

“A little over a month ago, I found out my Dad was diagnosed with cancer and it really took a toll on me. My self-esteem plummeted, my anxiety levels rose quite drastically and I couldn’t seem to concentrate on anything anymore, although these things weren’t just synonymous with what is happening with Dad. I couldn’t seem to pick myself back up and keep looking forward into the future to where I want to be. Hearing your talk to the Grade 11’s and also by you sharing your story with us, I can see that no matter what happens in life, overcoming is possible.”

Year 11 Student SA

“I have been diagnosed with clinical depression, severe anxiety, and anorexia. I have been in Flinders Hospital for three weeks during this past month with a nasogastric tube feeding me, no hope of any goals or dreams, and thought that there was no place I was going. Luckily, I was discharged just in time to see your speech today. Now I feel like I have a place to go, can have dreams and goals that can happen, and can fully recover from my illnesses. So, my contribution to my goal of recovery, which I began today, was to eat all of my afternoon tea, all of my dinner, and then helped myself to more food when I was hungry without being asked or pushed into eating it. It may sound small, but it was a massive step to push away the eating disorder. I'm really proud of myself. Keep up the amazing work you're doing, its so inspiring and has truly helped me see that one day there is hope for me.”

Year 11 Student WA

“I would like to start off by saying a massive thankyou. Thanks to you I have just realised that I AM worth something and just how much I am worth. What you said today will fuel me to keep going no matter what, I do not believe you could even begin to fathom the effect you had on me today. So thank you, you have literally changed my viewpoint on life.”

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