Courageous Leadership for Disruptive Times



Disruption is a radical change in an industry, business or institution especially involving the introduction of a new product or service that creates a new market. Globalisation and the rapid advance of technology are a major cause of disruption. We have witnessed this firsthand with Kodak, Uber and Airbnb to name a few.

Our world is being disrupted in every industry and it has already begun in the education sector. How can staff handle the rapid change of moving from local to global communities and linear to exponential growth? Our brains and perceptual capabilities were never designed to process at this scale of speed. How do you lead a group of students when the rate of change is so fast? How do you live in an age where the only constant is change? Education is going to continue to transform. Are we prepared for the change?

The shift

This seminar helps address these complex questions and provides reason for hope and optimism. It is not about disruptive stress but about disruptive opportunity. 

Topics covered include

  • 1Finding Flow 
  • 2Positive Relationships
  • 3Leading with Mindfulness 
  • 4Wisdom vs Knowledge 
  • 5Handling Distraction 

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