Brilliant Young Mind

Learning in the age of digital disruption


Young people today are growing up and inheriting an increasingly complex and competitive world, especially in the areas of learning and technology.  Their time and focus is easily consumed by their devices and as educators we are faced with the challenge to make school work more appealing than the latest app.

The shift

'Brilliant Young Mind' brings young people back to the core opportunity they have to achieve their educational goals. This seminar inspires students towards excellence as they gain a newfound understanding of the privilege and importance of education and its role in their transition into adulthood.

The seminar gives students an understanding of what successful study encompasses and how it can be achieved in a modern digital context. Students develop a greater awareness of the internal and external factors, that impact study and one’s education. Glen guides students on how to modify their attitudes and beliefs to achieve better results and greater satisfaction.

Students are equipped with practical skills that enable them to effectively prioritize and manage their time, reduce fears of failure, combat stress, develop a growth mindset, trigger flow and become mindful. Students are given organizational tools that can be immediately implemented for more effective learning and exam preparation. Students who experience 'Brilliant Young Mind' leave the seminar with a greater level of confidence and a sense of determination to develop grit in order to reach their educational ambitions.

Students who have experienced 'BRILLIANT YOUNG MIND' have raved about the relevance, vitality, and effectiveness of this program.

Year 12 Coordinator

Glen’s seminar was inspiring, as usual. The girls have been bringing up his suggestions and words of wisdom on a daily basis ever since. It has been very useful in our discussions with the girls during Academic Supervisions. Many of the girls have been talking about making some changes regarding their study habits based on Glen’s advice. 

Year 12 Student

Thank you so much for an amazing session that you had with us today. The moment I came home, I plastered a huge sign on my wall with my proposed ATAR. The goals I wrote now have become so much easier to look at, once I put them in perspective with everything else. Again, a huge thank you for today, I know that EVERYONE enjoyed the day and we were all mind-boggled and buzzing about it until I came home to find people still buzzing about it online.

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